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Captain Islambad Jins Zeeshan Syed Rizvi

An Article by : Adeel Wahid http://www.youlinmagazine.com

The Gentleman and the Beastly Game: Zeeshan Syed Rizvi

Common perception about rugby holds that it is a game of beasts. For Oscar Wilde, an Irish novelist and playwri...

IRB: Development Programmes Officer

IRB is acvertising a new job

as IRB: Development Programmes Officer.

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'Get into Rugby' program introduced in the Beaconhouse School System

Pakistan Rugby Union  as part of its strategic plan and development of the Game 
at the Grass Root/Age Grade level ( boys and girls )  in collaboration with 
Beacon House School System have initiated the Get Into Rugby ‘ GIR ‘ Program 
designed by the International Rugby Board .
 The plan is to train 60 PE Teachers from Beacon House who can then further  
train the students at their respective campuses .
 The first leg of the initiative was carried out at Islamabad where 2...

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